Are you interested in a Community Care Center Board Membership?
Click here to download the information and an application. Send to Melanie at:  mlwilliams911@gmail.com  or print it out and mail it to her attention at the Community Care Center.

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Download the Community Care Center Brochure here.

Executive Director: Melanie Williams
Executive Director: Melanie Lohman

Executive Director
*Melanie Lohman

Executive Board
*President: Ken Newton

2nd Vice President:
*Brenda Johnson

Ollie Derr

Board Members
Harriet Evans
Theron Brown
Kaitlin Becherer
Donna Elliott
Rick Fancher
John Walter
Jacob Hinsterer
Gary Brooks
Lauren Speller

*To contact a Board Member, send an email to the board member’s:
Notice: Please do not include personal or private information.
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